W.A. Production launches Puncher 2 Mega Pack at 87% discount

WA Puncher 2 Mega Pack

W.A. Production launches Puncher 2 Mega Pack at 87% discount

W.A. Production has released the Puncher 2 Mega Pack, a bundle comprising the Puncher 2 audio effect plugin, along with 5 sample packs and 3 DAW templates for Ableton Live, Logic Pro and FL Studio.

Puncher 2 is a multi-effect featuring a transient shaper, multiband compressor and parallel compressor.

At W. A. Production, we always strive to provide tremendous value to our customers. And what do our customers love? The Puncher 2 plugin, of course! So we thought it would be a great idea to provide an awesome deal that will not only give you access to Puncher 2 plugin, but an incredible selection of bonus products as well! And thus, the Puncher 2 Mega Pack was born!

The Puncher 2 Mega Pack includes Puncher 2 plugin, 5 of our best sample packs containing more than 2000 sounds, and 3 professional DAW Templates that will help you improve your productions by learning from the best. This bundle offers unprecedented value — add it to your collection today!

The Puncher 2 Mega Pack is available from W.A. Production and at Plugin Boutique, priced only $14.90 USD until June 10th, 2021 (regular value $114.20 USD).