Past To Future Samples FREE 12-bit Hip Hop Drum Loops

FREE 12-bit Hip Hop Drum Loops

FREE 12-bit Hip Hop Drum Loops

Past To Future Samples has announced the release of 12-bit Hip Hop Drums, a free sample pack featuring processed drum loops.

PTFS told us they took some vinyl drum breaks, ran them HOT through an Akai S-900 12-bit sampler to get crunch, ran them through the Akai s900’s analog filter with different settings, and pitched the breaks, then recorded various versions of them.

The pack contains some cool breaks, all crunched and filtered, and pitched at different settings ready for you to chop. All the breaks went through a Tegeler Hardware compressor to make the sound bigger. The compressed versions are in a separate folder.

YouTube video


12-bit Hip Hop Drums is available at Gumroad under a “Name a fair price” policy. This means you can insert “0” for a free download, or add any sum you want to pay. The download size is 208MB compressed file.

More information: Past To Future Samples